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Mixer Maintenance Procedures

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Mixer Maintenance Procedures
Latest company news about Mixer Maintenance Procedures

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Safety regulations

   1. The protective cover of the transmission chain of the mixer should be intact to prevent personal injury accidents from touching the working chain.

  2. The fastening bolts of the motor base should be checked regularly, and the foundation should have sufficient rigidity to prevent the chain from jumping or falling off due to the loose foundation, causing transmission failure.

  3. When inspecting, repairing and maintaining the machine, the power supply must be cut off and the sign must be hung up.

   4. It is strictly forbidden to extend your hands or other tools into the machine during the operation of the machine.

   5. Only after the machine is completely stopped, can the inside of the machine be cleaned and inspected.

   6. Cables and wires should have protective sleeves.


Maintenance procedures

   1. During operation, check the compressed air pipeline for leaks at least once per shift, and discharge the water accumulated in the oil-water separation triplex once.

  2. Check once a week whether the discharge door is leaking, the sealing strip is damaged, and whether the discharge linkage mechanism is at the dead center position when the door is closed.

  3. Clean the remaining materials attached to the inner wall of the buffer hopper once a week.

  4. Brush the drive chain and sprocket with diesel once a month, and refresh the oil for the chain sprocket.

  5. Clean the fuel injection nozzle once a month, and at the same time clean the remaining attached materials on the inner wall and cover of the mixer.

  6. Measure the coefficient of variation of the mixer outlet and the finished product packing mouth once a month. The measurement of the coefficient of variation should select the product with the shortest mixing time.


Maintenance procedures

Minor repair

  The minor repair of the mixer is carried out every six months, including the following

   1. Check whether the wire connection in the motor junction box is loose.

   2. Clean up the remaining materials attached to the inner wall of the mixer and the buffer hopper.

   3. Clean the oil-water separation triplex to ensure a smooth air path.

  4. Check the wear of the pin shafts at each hinge point of the unloading linkage mechanism, replace the severely worn pin shafts, and ensure the reliability and stability of the linkage mechanism.

  5. Replace the discharge door sealing strip, check the reliability of the opening and closing door limit stroke and adjust its position to ensure the sealing of the discharge door.

  6. Check the tightness of the drive chain and the tightness of the motor base, adjust the chain tensioner or the motor base to keep the chain at a proper tension.

   7. Replace the reducer grease.

Medium repair

  Mixer repairs are carried out once a year, including the following

   1. Minor repair all the content.

  2. Clean up the wear of the rotor and the gap between the rotor and the object, repair or replace severely worn ribbons or blades, and adjust the gap between the rotor and the shell to the allowable range (about 5mm).

   3. Clean the main bearing and bearing seat, check their wear and tear, replace if necessary, and fill the bearing with lubricating oil.

  4. Check the wear of the cylinder and replace the severely worn parts.

   5. Check the compressed air pipeline, especially the aging condition of the hose, and replace it if necessary.

  6. Disassemble and wash the reducer, check the wear of all parts, replace the worn parts if necessary, and add grease to the reducer.

  7. Check the wear of the transmission chain and sprocket, and replace if necessary.

  8. Check the wear and tear of the motor bearings and add grease to the motor bearings.

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